The Story

Wellness Coach

In 2011,  I began having some health issues after having my third daughter at age 39. For my entire life I have been very healthy and was also a very good athlete. After searching to figure out what was causing gut issues and fibromyalgia as well as bad brain fog, I found the best doctor in the world and a good nutritionist and chiropractor.

Within several months I went from such high toxicity in my body from the toxins where I could only eat raw food lost so much weight that I looked anorexic weighting only 117 lbs. I thought I was going to die young due to the pain and lack of the ability to eat food properly.

After all of this my husband and I sold our home and moved to a rental property and I had a very bad exposure to mold that deemed me disabled and also affected the the lining on my nerves deeming me electromagnetic field sensitive (EMF). It was so awful that I could not tolerate being near a cell phone or using one at all. In addition, I had a tumor on the top of my head and again thought I was going to die.

But, once again God and this awesome doctor, Dr. Huy Hoang from Lawndale, California knew what to do to help me. 

The doctor educated me on mold, essential oils to heal the lungs and also gave me an electromagnetic meter to measure the EMFś in the air.  This was an excellent educational process for me to see on a meter what I was feeling but could not explain. When I drove by a cell tower the meter would go up extremely high and make a buzzing noise to notify me that the EMF levels were very high and not safe. It I held a Smart Phone and a flip phone up next to the meter I could also see how high or low the levels of  EMF and Radio and radiation were in order to know safer places and phones for me to use. 

I opened this store and website to help educate as many people as I can to learn the truth about the wifi, government and cell phones and towers and to help them prevent and proctect themselves, their children and loved ones, homes, cars and belongings as much as I can. The rest is up to the lord to use us if we chose to follow his calling by using the gifts he gave us to let the signs, wonders and miracles happen. 

We here to educate, prevent and protect you and to also pray with those who need a miracle as we have had our own miracle healings and have also witnessed many signs, wonders and miracles as well.

After several inexpensive treatments the pain left my body, my stomach healed and I became whole again. Thank God!